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New Tools for Everyday Mindfulness

A Google search of the term mindfulness will turn up articles from mainstream publications as varied as the New York Times, and Huffington Post, to peer-reviewed articles in highly regarded medical journals. One can also find products like “Mindful Mayonnaise” and audio courses on drinking wine mindfully. On the other hand, we find “mindfulness purists” who suggest a regular practice of formal meditation every day as the only way to receive the benefits of mindfulness practices. In this workshop, we will find the middle way, and create a toolbox for busy people to access the benefits of mindfulness in modern, everyday life. We will also explore personal motivation for mindfulness that will help participants build a sustainable satisfying mindfulness habit. (This workshop will provide a new take on mindfulness skills. You will NOT be asked to eat a raisin in slow motion.)

Explore mindfulness in modern society – what is working, what isn’t.
Why be mindful? Exploring your true motivation.
Four practices you can incorporate into your week – and designing your own practice.

The lighter Side of Mindfulness: Using mindfulness to boost positive emotions.

In a 24/7 culture experiencing accelerated change, simply enjoying life can get pushed aside as we race to keep up. It is great news that mindfulness has been scientifically proven to help those suffering with PTSD, caregiver fatigue, and anxiety disorders, among other ailments. However, in this workshop we will focus on contemplative practices that foster a reconnection to pleasure, ease, contentment, and other positive emotions.

Beyond happy – A brief look at how mindfulness and other contemplative practices can foster a host of positive emotions.
What is your definition of the “good life?” – The link between mindfulness and strength-based positive psychology.
Three ways to boost your happiness set point – Using ‘direct experience’ and other easy to incorporate contemplative activities.

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