Gentle Fall Transition: Day seven – Surround yourself with “good” people

imagesA friend of mine says she makes a habit of surrounding herself with good people.  By “good” she means people who support her,  bring out the best in her, and wish her well, people who in turn appreciate and respect her opinions and friendship.    It seems like a simple idea but when she told me this I was struck by how many times in life I didn’t adopt the same habit.

We could learn a lot from the seasons if we just take the time to be observant.  Each autumn, the trees and other flora and fauna shed what is no longer needed in service of rest, renewal, and to make room for what is to come.

Try this:  Surround yourself with good people

  1. As part of your gentle fall transition, take stalk of the people with whom you spend your time and energy.
  2. Remember  that just like seasons, relationships go through phases.
  3. Is there a relationship you are in that could benefit from a rest?  Perhaps one that requires pruning all together?
  4. Keep compassion in mind as you take stock.  In most cases, there is no need for big pronouncements or hard and fast separation.  (If so, see mindfulness for a broken heart).
  5. Create clarity around what it is you need from your friends and your community.  A daily mindfulness practice can help build this clarity.

Take a look at Mindfulness Daily for more practices that help with clarity and self-compassion.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

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