Gentle Fall Transition: Day Three – Two-word mantra, a pose, and a poem

It goes like this, you miss your family all day while you’re at work, a long day, that includes an hour commute.  You come home, hungry, and wanting to get into something more comfy.  You enter, and one boy is watching video games, and another is grumpy about homework.  Hubby is trying his best but he’s a teacher and it’s a new school year.  The counters are sticky, there is evidence of junk food consumption, there is laundry to do.  Suddenly you are being short with the ones you missed all day.  You’re not happy with your attitude yet it seems to be in control.  The word/phrase you may be quietly reciting to yourself:  Impatient, discouraged, weary, stupid, and your favorite: “what is wrong with you?”

Let’s change this up a bit, shall we?

Try this:  It’s a fact that our thoughts affect our stress level, mood, and even behavior.  Try steering your mood in a better direction today by repeating a two-work mantra.   How do you want to go about your day?  Choose two words, just for today.  Here are some ideas:

Gentle, relaxed

calm, clear

content, strong

peaceful, loving

kind, friendlyimages

happy, generous

easeful, grateful
patient, openstock-photo-59838902-yoga-teacher-helping-others-into-the-correct-position

Slow, focused

Now that you have the idea, come up with your own two-word mantra.  Let us know what two words work for you.

Yoga Pose of the day – Half-Sun salutation.  The goal of the Half-sun salutation is to gently warm stiff joints.  Practice in the morning as you repeat your two-word mantra, and two other times during the day.

images-1Standing, start with your hands in prayer at your heart.  Inhale, lift arms overhead, stretch through the ribs,  reaching for the sky, slightly bend knees as you bend at the waist, lowering head to feet.  Hang loosely as in rag doll.  Keep knees bent as you roll the spine up to standing, bringing the hands overhead, then ending as you began, in prayer pose.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day

And now, a poem that Tara Brach shares in Mindfulness Daily by Wu Men Hu-k’ai:

Ten thousand flowers in spring, the moon in autumn

cool breeze in spring, snow in winter

If your mind isn’t clouded with unnecessary things

This is the best season of your life.


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