Gentle Fall Transition: Day Two – Create a mini ritual

By Jane Weston,

imagesEngaging in a mini-ritual for fall is an effective seasonal transition.  Implementing such a practice can not only help in proactively moving us forward toward a new goal or mindful practice, but will also help us savor the new season.

Try This: When considering implementing a new ritual, consider something simple.  Keep it helpful and meaningful and, easily adaptable to your regular routine so you will embrace it and find meaning rather than burden.  Consider adding something into your fall mornings; a walk, talk with friends, prayer, meditation, health or family focus.

Place reminders or use calendars, phones, apps or friends to help instill a new practice.  Above all, do what feels right for you.  Engage with others and use their support to help instill new practices.  Planning in advance for both the em

bedding of the new ritual and, any distractions that may present themselves.  Commit to your new mini-ritual for 30 days and share feedback with us on your experiences.

Yoga pose of the day:  Easy cross-legged pose.  Use this pose in place of the more advanced lotus posture.  The key is to focus on the length of your back.  Over time this pose will strengthen core and back muscles.  Sit cross-legged on the floorWoman doing yoga at home or on a supportive surface.  Use cushions or blankets under your seat to encourage the opening of your hips.  Ideally your knees.  If it becomes too difficult to maintain a straight back, start by leaning against a wall.  This pose is perfect.  Let your breath be natural and even, as you enjoy the grounding effect of this posture.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!
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