Gentle Fall Transition: Day One – Meet your energy where it is

“Where’s my energy????”  You may be asking yourself this question.  Seasonal transitions can be a shock to the system.  Wonky weather, sudden changes in routine, and changes in your social network (did your BBF start school in another state?) can leave you feeling fuzzy-headed and maybe a little blue.

Tip One:  Meet your energy where it is.   The art of self-compassion, and by extension being kind to those around you, requires that you take stock of, and honor your own energy level.

Try this mindset today:  “Todimages-1ay I will meet my energy where it is.  I will move slowly and deliberately.  I will take three stretch breaks, or at the very least take a moment to put my hands over my heart and focus on my breath.”

You are not a robot.  Energy fluctuations are normal.

Your one yoga pose of the day – Legs up the wall.  At the end of the day, grab a blanket and an eye mask or towel.  Scoot your butt near a wall or at the top of your bed/headboard (my husband has found me sleeping this way), then swing your legs around and slide them up a supportive wall.  You can add another blanket or bolster to open your heart.  Cover yourself with a second blanket.  Stay in this pose for ten minutes if you can, reversing the effects of gravity, and calming your mind.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

md-thumbnail-final Don’t let the busy fall season and the upcoming holidays harsh your summer mellow.  Keep it going with ten minutes of  Mindfulness Daily.



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