More Tools for a Peaceful Summer – For the kids, Nature Lovers, and Yoga/Meditation Enthusiasts

What will you do with your free time this summer?  Here are some suggestions to boost your quotient of peace and ease:

Let’s start with an idea for the kids. Moomin: The Deluxe Anniversary Edition, is a time-tested gem.  I discovered this series when my youngest two children were nine and twelve (the books are rated for readers 9-12). How I wish we had found them a little sooner.  Even still, my boys and I fell in love with the Moomin family.  They were captivated by Moomintroll’s adventures in imagesthe woods and Jansson’s simple and sweet illustrations.  I loved Jansson’s wit and wisdom. Why is this a mindful read? Tove Jansson’s themes of family, friendship, and transition, and her detail to nature give you moments of heart-opening pause.  I dare say I even shed a few sentimental tears when the Moomin family was forced to relocate after the unexpected flooding of Moomin Valley.   First published in 1946, these books are ageless.  If your children fall in love with the Moomins, you can also watch episodes of the 1990’s cartoon series on Youtube.  Comic books are also available for kids to enjoy with parents or on their own.

While the kids are looking at their Moomin books, consider kickstarting your meditation practice.  Brian Hyman is aAdobe Spark-2 west-cost yoga and meditation teacher who came to my attention through the Recovery 2.o crowd.

Brian’s new video course, “Meditation for Everyone: Calm, Balance, and Peace” is designed for all levels and includes three instructional lectures, six guided meditations, and two bonus recordings. Additionally, each component within the course contains application worksheets for individual reflection.   I found his meditation for removing fear to be especially useful.
Once you’ve grounded yourself with some meditation, Get close up to nature with  Gathering Moss: A Natural and Cultural History of Mosses by Robin Wall Kimmerer.  One of my earliest memories includes moss.  I was seven years old, and I wandered away from the campsite my family was inhabiting for the weekend.  I found myself in a clearing covered in moss.  I can still see the many shades of green, and feel the warm carpet under my feet. It was perhaps the first time I felt alone but connected.   Dr. Kimmerer is a Native American professor of Botany.  In Gathering Moss, she seamlessly combines science and reverence of nature, bringing you into the magical world of the ancient and often overlooked plant.  Warning!:  Just a few chapters into the book I felt compelled to purchase and eye glass to get a closer look at the magical moss world underfoot.  This might be a great way to get the kids outside!

And when you find that perfect patch of moss, use is as your summer yoga mat.  But first, check out some oView More: Karen Fabian’s offerings at Barebones Yoga.  A well-known Boston-area wellness expert, Karen gives clear, no-nonsense instruction on mindful movement that will increase your knowledge of yoga and anatomy and help you move smarter.  Karen’s offerings also include yoga for kids – a rainy summer day life-savor!

What do you do to make your summer more memorable and mindful?  Contact us – share your ideas.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

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