Let’s just get this over with

images“Let’s just get this over with.”  This may be an appropriate sentiment when you are having a root canal, but did you ever notice this mindset seeping into daily life?  The self-talk may sound something like this:

“I can’t wait until it’s Friday!”

“Will this winter ever end?”

These thoughts are understandable, but have you found this ‘way of being’ slipping into more neutral and even pleasant events?

Nervous about an upcoming special event?  Use this worksheet to help challenge your anxious thoughts.

Here are some examples:

“Once I get past my son’s graduation I can relax”

“How long is my granddaughter’s recital?”

“What day do we get back from vacation?”

If you find yourself unconsciously wishing away pleasant events, it might be time to apply some mindfulness.

Here are some counter-thoughts to help you enjoy the present moment:

“I’m looking forward to the weekend, but it will come even faster if I put my total focus on this project.”

“This hot, heavy air feels good and it will help me really savor the cold weather.”

“My to-do list will wait, I’m going to settle in and enjoy this recital.”

“Why am I so nervous about the graduation?  How can I prepare myself to relax and enjoy this event?”

Wishing for events to pass is a bad habit that takes away joy.  Mindfully looking at the feelings and thoughts below the surface can help you have more joy at special events and everyday life.

What do you think about this post?

Nervous about an upcoming special event?  Use this worksheet to help challenge your anxious thoughts.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

One thought on “Let’s just get this over with

  1. Mark says:

    I have noticed myself doing this type of thinking more and more recently and so this post hits home. You’re right: if this type of thinking dominates you end up missing all of the small joys that are available. I don’t expect to change overnight…I see it more like turning around a large ocean liner…but I hope to do so eventually.

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