The Mindful Hub Summer Reading List – 2016

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Grab your sunscreen, your sunglasses, and your favorite floatation device, your Kindle or a good old-fashioned hard-bound copy – the annual mindful hub summer reading list is here, and we have something for everyone!

Dinner with Buddha by Roland Merullo – Third in a series that is surprisingly funny and touching, Merullo picks up where Lunch with Buddha left off and brings us further into the world of middle-aged skeptic Otto Ringling and his unlikely brother-in-law, Volya Rinpoche.  Like Breakfast with Buddha and Lunch with Budda, Dinner with Buddha is three books in one:  The classic road trip novel, the coming-of-middle-age crisis, and spiritual Q and A.   Amusing, heartfelt and wise, and not at all corny or cliche, the meals with Buddha trio make great summer reading.

The Neuroscience of Change: A Compassion-Based Program for Personal Transformation by Kelly McGonigal, PhD.   This book is a great pick for those of us who like to geek out on the neuroscience of mindfulness, and at the same time, apply the knowledge directly to practice.  Full of up-to-date summaries of the latest studies of the brain, mind, and behavior, Kelly McGonigal offers important facts about neuroplasticity interspersed with practical mindfulness exercises.  Because the exercises are included right in the text, I suggest purchasing this book on Audible, so that you and pause and practice right on your picnic blanket.

Ayurveda Everyday Cook Book by Kate O’Donnell.  If you haven’t heard about Yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda, it’s just a matter of time.  As Western science catches up the with importance of digestive health,  the ancient science of Ayurveda is sure to catch fire in the West. Ayurvedic medicine, the traditional medicine of India, employs an herbal medicine cabinet and fosters improved digestion by attending to the seasons and three individual body types called “doshas.”  This cookbook gets rave reviews on Amazon by those new to Ayurveda, as well as more experienced practitioners.  I bought this book after a five-day Ayurveda retreat at Kripalu I attended in February.  The simple recipes and seasonal self-care guides helped keep my digestive fires (and overall wellbeing) burning bright through the cold, wet, New England winter.  This book will be my traveling companion through the summer.

Recovery 2.o by Tommy Rosen.  There’s an epidemic out there…. and the system that is trying to get it under control is broken.  Luckily, brave people in long-term recovery, Like author and yoga teacher, Tommy Rosen are speaking up and out, sharing their stories of surviving and thriving.  Tommy Rosen found sobriety through AA, but he learned how to thrive by taking AA a step further.  By adding Kundalini yoga and associated holistic living, Rosen shows us how to find freedom from substance abuse, as well as “process” addictions, like gambling, food, and unhealthy relationships.  Recovery 2.0 is not a replacement for AA or other 12-step program for most people in recovery, but it is a wonderful, hopeful, positive, and much needed holistic addition to the recovery toolbox.  For more help with healing, check out Tommy Rosen’s recovery 2.0 conference.

Happy reading!  Let us know if you have a mindful summer reading suggestion.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

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