You Already Know This Stuff

labyrinthAs you practice the stress reduction and mindfulness-based cognitive behavior techniques found at mindful hub its helpful to remember that you already know this stuff.

You are not an anxious person trying to learn how to be calm.  You are a calm person who has spent too much time practicing being anxious.  Being calm is your birthright. (Not 24/7, of course, stress does have its uses.)   Therefore, you do not have to spend all day every day practicing advanced yoga or meditation techniques.  You need only take a few deep mindful breaths, spend a few minutes watching your thoughts to make sure they are not bringing you down, or take a few minutes to stretch.  These simple techniques will help ease depression, chronic pain, and everyday irritation, and will help you enjoy a sense of well-being right now.

Perhaps some day you may become a great swami or Buddha.  But try to enjoy life along the way.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

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