Push Yourself, Crash, Repeat

Push, crash, repeat…. push, crash, repeat….. Does this pattern sound familiar to you?

In centuries past, we would be allowed to use the season’s dwindling light as a time to slow down, get cozy, reflect.  But in the 21st century, we keep pushing ourselves to the brink, pretending we are just flesh-colored processing systems, in spite of any strong urge we may be feeling to honor the changing seasons and feed our body, mind and spirit accordingly.  The cost is not only physical but includes a shortage of moments of ordinary pleasure and joy that we could be experiencing daily.

I’ve been thinking about nature a lot lately.  Not just driving north for cross-country skiing after the first New Hampshire snowfall of the year – although that is part of it.  But about stopping and listening to the wisdom of nature and the cues given to our mind/body/nervous system every day, and every hour of every day.

Daylight Savings time started on November 1 this year.  In the Northeastern United States, this heralds shorter days.  We can’t hide from it anymore – winter is coming.  Even though we’ve had an exceptionally mild and bright Autumn locally, many of my patients came in last week after turning back the clocks reporting fatigue, poor concentration, and low mood.

When a patient comes in and tells me s/he is tired of living an overbooked life, I often ask:  “What happens when you stop?”  Almost universally, before the answer, there is a silent pause accomanied with a look of confusion.  Sometimes tears follow.  Sometimes frustration.  Sometimes stories of not knowing how to stop.  Sometimes stories of feeling undeserving.

Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, encourages the recognition of daily and seasonal patterns.  Ayurveda promotes the honoring of our unique constitution as a means to live in balance.

As our world becomes more technology-based, lack of balance and loss of connection with nature, including our own true nature is a common theme in my practice.   That’s why I was so glad to learn about the Ayurveda Summit.  The Ayurveda Summit is filled with expert interviews about this 5000-year-old medical system and focuses on self-care to stay balanced with nature this season and every season.  The summit is free through Sunday, at which time the content will be available to purchase.  I’ve been watching as much of the summit as time will allow, and I have been very impressed with the content.

What you will learn about at The Ayurveda Summit:

  • Drastically improve self-care & lower stress/anxiety
  • Get your sleep & bodily rhythms back on track
  • Boost self-confidence & navigate relationships with ease
  • Dramatically slow your aging process
  • Apply Ayurveda to your life and/or business if you are a health professional

I have learned something valuable from every video I’ve viewed.  Last night I watched John Joseph Immel’s discussion on the connection between the belly and the brain in promoting clarity through healthy digestion.  I’m looking forward to learning more about practical ways to apply Ayurveda to modern life.  To learn about the Ayurveda Summit, click on the banner below.


And join us at mindful hub as we share a glimpse of Ayurvedic wisdom with a Five-day focus on Balance starting this weekend.

If Daylight savings time threw you for a loop, or if you are ready to get off the “push, crash, repeat” roller coaster, I highly recommend listening to the resources presented at the Ayurveda Summit.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

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