40 Days of Letting Go: Day 39 ~ Make peace with your true nature

Our deeper nature usually prevails, and what a relief when it does.

Remember the big hair of the 1980s?  It was a time when young men and women alike where subjecting themselves to a head full of chemicals followed by gobs of sticky, slimy, hair gel.   Madonna or Michael, Whitney, or Cameron, we wanted that look no matter what the cost, and don’t forget to throw in a scrunchy!

My hair, however, did not want to go along with this fashion trend.  Thick, heavy, and straiter than straight, I would take my mane to the salon, only to have the perm fizzle out a day or two later.  I was so determined to fight my hair’s true nature that more than once I went back for the dreaded day-after perm.

My hair’s true nature always prevailed, as nature is wont to do.

Our deeper nature usually prevails too, and what a relief when it does.  If you are hiding more than straight hair…. a tendency to be shy and quiet, for instance, because of some mistaken belief that extroverts have all the fun – let this idea go.  Give in to being introverted.  Try it for a day our two.  You can always put the wig back on.

Today’s letting go exercise:  Embrace your true nature ~

  1.  Choose a day to get you hair permed…. kidding…. this exercise is scary and can make you feel vulnerable so add a bit of humor and a ton of self-compassion.  It can also be immensely and deeply freeing.
  2. Think about a couple of personality traits that you fight with.  Personality traits like introversion vs. extraversion, leading with emotionality vs. a propensity for logic are fairly enduring.  You were born with a tendency toward certain traits like being guarded vs. outgoing, or cautious vs. adventurous, then life experience took over to continue to shape your unique personality.
  3. Once you have identified a trait that troubles you the next step is to figure out why you fight with this trait?  Were you criticized by teachers for being too bubbly?  Did a stern care-giver frown upon your sensitive nature?  With great compassion, as if you are being welcomed home by a wise mentor, invite this trait to spend the day with you.
  4. How would you express this trait now that you are grown and free to reveal it any way you please?  Maybe today is the day you stay home from the company dinner and curl up with a book.  Maybe today is the day you unleash the belly laugh you have been stifling for a decade.

Failing to understand and accept our true nature keeps us from cultivating our strengths, and can drive fear, sadness, destruction, and addiction.  Let go and share your true nature.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

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