40 Days of Letting Go: Day 35 ~ Letting go of drama

drama_queen1We humans will go to great lengths to stay out of the present moment.

The present moment terrifies us.

We can be very ingenious with the variety of drama we create and cling to in order to stay away from the here-and-now.

Today’s letting go exercise:  What kind of drama do you create for yourself?

Read through the following list of dramatic distractions.  Which style of drama suits you?  Do you….

  1.  Hold on to a belief or idea, even though it no longer serves you?
  2.  Cling too tightly to a relationship that is changing?
  3. Feel compelled to do and have “it all” even though you are never satisfied?
  4. Make yourself miserable by following the American Dream… or some other status quo?
  5. Play a story line over and over in your head to justify your behavior?
  6. Over-react on a daily basis, even though part of you knows it is causing suffering for you and those around you?

What a lot of trouble we go through to avoid the present moment.  How determined we are to hold on to our habitual reactions and defenses.

See if you can let go of the drama today.  Be with what scares you.  Even a small opening, a moment of reacting as opposed to responding, might give you a taste of peace, and the realization that you are connected and accepted.  Drop the drama, breathe, look around.  You are safe to chose differently- safe to chose a new, less dramatic script.  This drama-free moment of peace might motivate you to drop habits that are stopping you from a bigger letting go.

Tomorrow we will take a closer look at the trances that keep us stuck.

Want off of the drama train?  Our next few posts will help you break free.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

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