40 Days of Letting Go: Day 19 ~ A little bit of yoga, a big letting go

Welcome to day two of our letting go weekend retreat.  I hope you allowed yourself to let go of your regular weekend routine yesterday, even just a little, and took some time to use Karen’s letting go yoga suggestions.  If you missed yesterday, no problem!  It’s not too late to start your mini-retreat today.  Even one day of slowing down and focusing on self-care can create big shifts.

Today I’m linking you to a series of short practices presented by yogavibes.   I have been consistently delighted by the quality and variety of videos found on yogavibes and I often recommend the practices to patients in my private practice.  Take a look at this sampling of practices featuring Shala Worsley, that includes and introduction to yin yoga.    You will also find breathing exercises and poses to lift or calm your energy, depending on your needs:

Remember that “letting go” occurs on many levels, and our weekend retreat will foster letting go on a cellular level.  If we are not mindful of accumulated stress, if we have trouble letting go, our biology can become our biography, and stress can manifest as physical illness.

Taking time for physical care is a gift to yourself and to those you love.

Read more about self-compassion here…. and check in tomorrow for day three of our retreat featuring yoga nidra with Jennifer reis.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

Learn more about the science behind self-compassion through the Foundations of Well-Being Program.  Click on the Banner below for more details:

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