40 Days of Letting Go: Day 18 ~ A weekend of letting go yoga

mindfulmovementIf you have been joining us on the 40 Days of Letting Go journey you have probably noticed that “letting go” happens on many levels, including mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical.  The letting go process may bring up a lot of buried emotions, and take a lot mental energy as we work to change patterns and habits that are no longer useful.  As this emotional “stuff” comes up, you might start to feel tension in your physical body.  That’s why we are taking this weekend to practice letting go yoga and related stress reduction techniques.

Today’s Letting-Go exercise:  A weekend of short yoga breaks~day 1 of 3

If you haven’t already, download our free worksheet, Setting Yourself up for a Day of Silence.

We start with a short series of yoga poses presented by Boston-based yoga teacher Karen Fabian.  Take six minutes to mindfully discharge physical stress.  I suggest going through the exercises at least twice today.  Use your letting go journal to record how you feel before and after the exercises.  Tomorrow we will take a look at another short practice led by Shala Worsley and Yogavibes.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness Every Day!

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