40 Days of Letting Go: Day 17 ~ Let go of technology

imagesWant to see something really cool in 3D?  Take a look at real life!  Look mindfully today at a tree, a train, or a teapot.  Notice the depth and gradation of color – wow…. no special glasses required!

Spending too much time on screens, whether it’s your lap-top or a cell phone, can make real life start to feel flat.  Feeling delight and awe about small, real things in everyday experience is a great way to flex your mindfulness muscles.

If we are constantly over-stimulated by the flashing lights, bells and whistles offered through technology, we can start to see our lives as dull, gray, and one-dimensional.  Recently I had a patient tell me that the world once again seemed three-dimensional after a much-needed vacation away from her job as a computer programmer.  I’ve had other patients recovering from trauma or depression say “Colors seem vivid again.”

I once spent a weekend with friends who had a new high-definition TV.  We had fun watching an action movie on Friday night.  The image was so crisp that I actually felt a little nauseous at one point.  The next night we went into The Big Apple to see a Broadway play.  Wow.  no glasses required.  We laughed at the thought that we might soon need 3D glasses to see a Broadway play.  Don’t let this be your future!  Practice mindfully focusing on something not coming from a screen today!

Here’s today’s letting-go exercise:  Let go of technology – set yourself up for a tech-free day with our free worksheets:

Using Technology Mindfully

Setting yourself up for a day of silence

And get ready for a weekend at-home letting-go retreat starting tomorrow!  We will share tips from contributing yoga and health experts Jennifer Reis and Karen Fabian.  Grab your journal and your yoga mat…… unplug…. let go.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

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