40 Days of Letting Go: Day 4 ~ Be silly, not serious

iStock_sillyglasses_SmallUninhibited, care-free, silly ….. When was the last time you let yourself feel one of these sensations?  Think toddler’s dancing, teenagers skateboarding, young adults running in the rain, a karaoke performance at a wedding reception that has you laughing so hard you start crying….

In honor of Labor Day Weekend, a time when we let go of toil, and try to focus on feelings of levity and lightness,  today’s letting go practice is about cultivating your care-free spirit.

Try this letting go experience:Cheerful Senior Couple With Paddleboard In Sea


  1.  Start with a few deep breaths, stretch out any soreness in your body with the most goofy yoga pose or dance move you know
  2. Think back to a time when you felt unfettered, energetic, joyful, with no self-consciousness holding you back.  For many of us, this will be before puberty, before our brains started putting the brakes on feeling care-free in favor of safety.  What were you doing?  Can you recall a specific activity, friend, or family member that you were with?
  3. Use your journal to describe this scene, or share it with your letting-go buddy.
  4. How can you recreate this experience as an adult?

iStock_littledonna_SmallAs an example let me share one of my care-free memories.  I am five years old, camping with my parents and my sister.  I wander into a moss-covered field just a short distance from our campsite.  I take my shoes and socks off and danced around the squishy, cool, velvety moss, enjoying the different shades of green.  This weekend, I might be able to recreate some of this care-free feeling by going for a walk in the woods at our nearby Audubon Center, making sure that part of my walk is barefoot, maybe even sharing the experience with one of my children.

Wow…. I can’t wait!  How will you trade in serious for care-free this week?  After your trade, I bet you will feel energized and refreshed – like we often do after reuniting a dear old friend.

Share your experience with us!

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

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