Motivation, liking, and wanting

imagesLiking without wanting is sometimes described as heaven.  Wanting without liking can be described as hell.  Can you think of a time when you wanted but didn’t like?  This unhappy state usually comes about when we caught up in a bad habit, or following some scripted life plan that does not really align with our values.

This month, The Foundations of Well-Being program focus is motivation – a timely topic as so many young adults are graduating and trying to figure out the best next step on their life path.  Exploring motivation can also help us to get unhooked from any unhealthy pursuits, and therefore aligns with healing from addictive behavior and bad habits.images-2

Learning about how the brain and nervous system is wired to purse novelty and reward can help us understand and get control of motivation, wanting, and liking.

What’s the difference between wanting and liking? When we are caught up in wanting, there is an uncomfortable sense of “I gotta have it” that is not very enjoyable – think of the proverbial “kid in a candy store.”  Conversely, if we can stay in “liking” mode, we can connect with a sense of having enough – at least temporarily.  This sense of “enoughness” can help us make better decisions that will lead to more contentment.

Check out our recent posts and worksheets on passion and addiction, and tune into the Foundations of Well-being training to learn more about building healthy motivation.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day

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