Quality over Quantity – Stop bragging about being over-booked

In our culture it’s a point of pride to be over scheduled, stressed, and frazzled.  Anything else qualifies us as lazy, unmotivated, and (gasp!) average.  True story:  I overheard the following conversation in a restaurant in Harvard Square last fall.  I assume  it was parents’ weekend at Harvard, for as I looked around the restaurant I noticed many young adults sitting with parents and grandparents, all adorned in the Harvard  crimson and grey.  At the table next to us sat a young man and his father.

The young man said, “you know I only sleep about five hours a night now that crew started.” The Father’s response, a resounding “good for you!”

We live in a culture that does not allow simply being – taking some judgement-free time to honor our true nature and evaluate goals is just not allowed in most circles.  Unfortunately, our addiction to doing can lead to chronic stress, burnout, depression and poor decision making.  In his article The Thief of Intimacy, Duke University professor, Omid Safi, talks about the price we pay for busyness.

Take some time to think about the quality of your life versus the quantity of activities by looking at our new worksheet about quality of life created by mindful hub contributor, Karen Fabian.  Signing up for our free once-in-a-while newsletter will get you access to all our free worksheets.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day – Donna Torney, Mindful hub

Slowing down is a counter culture act self-compassion that takes courage.  Need more support? check out these resources:

Listen to Kristin Neff talk about her research on self-compassion:

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