Make Peace with the Winter Months

Whether it’s a post-holiday slump, or genuine seasonal affective disorder brought about by lack of sunlight, the winter months can be challenging.   It’s easy to fall prey to unproductive habits like over-eating, sleeping, or relying too heavily on technology and media for entertainment.  These habits are only unproductive in that they can be isolating, separating us from community support, and even our own mind and body.

Instead of enduring winter, try getting into winter by being mindful.  We’ve been brainwashed to believe that distraction is the answer to boredom and discontent, but mindfulness exposes us to the magic of full engagement.  That is, the more we are engaged in any activity, whether it is doing laundry, reading to a child, or writing an annual report, the more satisfaction and joy we will find in the activity.

To get mindful about winter, check out Karen’s new worksheet on Staying Mindful Through the Winter Months.  If you are looking for a boost to your mindfulness practice, look at our worksheets on Using Mindfulness to Change Habits, Mindful Affirmations, and Mindful Breathing, or read through our archive of short articles on mindfulness.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

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