A Self-Care Sandwhich

imagesWhat’s a self-care sandwich?  It’s two cushiony sessions of self-care, with you in the middle.  How do you build such a treat?

1.  At the start of your day, take five or ten minutes to breathe, meditate, pray, or otherwise tune into your deepest need.

2.  Whether that need is a walk in the woods, a chat with a close friend, or an actual energy-boosting sandwhich, resolve to make that need a reality today.  If your deepest need seems unattainable, how can you move one step closer today?  If you deepest need is more solitude but you live in a full house, spend a few extra minutes in your car, or take in the view from your front door before you step inside.

3.  At the end of your day take five or ten minutes to “power down” – something we rarely allow ourselves to do in our hyper-alert society:  Take three deep breaths and consciously give yourself permission to rest and restore for the next eight hours.

Remember – self-care is not selfish!  It’s the only way you can consistenly take care of your loved ones, stay inspired, and complete your important work.

If you want to learn more about self-care, and other tools for fostering healthy habits, join us in October for Rick Hansen’s Foundations of Well-Being Course.  CEUs are available for many health professionals.  Follow this link to take advantage to the extended early bird special.

In the mean time keep coming back to mindful hub as we celebrate Self-care September!

Start with our self-compassion worksheet

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!


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