New Ideas for Better Sleep

I recently attending a conference for therapists called  “Healthy Sleep and Dreaming”
images led by Rubin Naiman at the 35th annual Cape Cod Institute.  Many of Dr. Rubin’s suggestions are based on becoming more mindful about our relationship with sleep.    The next few blog articles will be devoted to the art of mindful sleep.  We will take a look at our cultural fear of sleep and rest, the difference between sleepiness and wakefulness, and how to make your bedroom a sleep haven.  By simply being more attuned to sleep and wake cycles, we can  learn to repair our relationship with sleep.

For starters, take a look these basic mindfulness habits for better sleep.

Check in tomorrow for a quick post about befriending sleep.  In the mean time – sweet dreams!

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

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