The Mindful Summer Reading Series: Brave Parenting

th-2Brave Parenting by Krissy Pozatek is a masterful work in that it is helpful for parents with kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens and beyond.   Whether you are just starting your parenting journey or are well on the path, Brave Parenting offers advice and wisdom to help you raise emotionally resilient kids.

Pozatek, a Licensed Social Worker who specializes in wilderness Therapy, shares her experiences of helping kids learn about emotional control in outdoor programs, but this book is not just for outdoorsy types.  The author also calls upon her knowledge of Buddhism to deliver metaphors of strength and perseverance that are easily digestible and can be applied to every day parenting.

This book is enjoyable, profound, but most importantly practical.  In the first section Pozatek outlines the internal resources that are critical for emotional health as our children make their way in the world.

These important internal resources include delayed gratification, problem solving, adaptability, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, internal motivation, self-discipline, an acceptance of impermanence.

The author gives sound advice and helpful examples on how to teach these skills to children, as well as how to practice them as a parent, at all stages of development, making Brave Parenting a practical, enjoyable read that will help parents feel less overwhelmed by the emotional ups and downs of parenting.

Brave Parenting is published at wisdom publications and is available from their website as well as amazon

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

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