Remove the frame: A visualization to Help Gain Perspective

UnknownTaking a break from the daily details to look at the big picture can help you feel less bogged down with routine hassles.

Try this quick visualization if you feel overwhelmed or obsessed with a particular problem:

1.  Take a few deep belly breaths.

2.  Focus your attention on the room you are in, or the immediate eight square feet around you.

3.  Broaden your focus to include the room you are in, then the building.

4.  Add in the neighborhood, the city, the state or region.

5.  Now take a satellite view of the region, country, and globe.  In your mind’s eye, rest here for a breath or two.

6. Slowly start to narrow your focus back to your country, region, and city.

7.  Focus now on your neighborhood, building, room or immediate space.

8.  Take a breath and notice if you feel differently about your current troubles.

This exercise shows us that we can use mindfulness to change our perspective.  We do not need to be stuck in a narrow focus or overwhelmed by the big picture.  Using this telescope visualization can help you have confidence in your ability to control your perspective.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

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