Spring Awakening

Sailboats on the CharlesIt looks as though spring has finally really come to New England.  I look out my window and I see trees and shrubs dressed in a rare yellow-green that will only last a week or two.  Even here in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a town jarred by the recent Boston Marathon tragedy, there is as sense of renewal and hope.

Renewal of efforts and “beginner’s mind” are essential components of a mindful lifestyle, and can bring relief when a sense of dullness sets in.  In that spirit here are some links to mindful hub articles and worksheets that focus on the basics of mindfulness.  These quick reads will help refresh your mindfulness practice.  Take a moment to read one now:

The Magic Question 

Mindfulness Foundations 

Mindfulness and the Brain

Mindfulness Basics

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We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

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