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A Get Well Soon Boston Terrior Yesterday I walked through the art studio at Milton Academy where my husband teaches and saw signs that students made that said “get well soon Boston.”  We are just a few miles out of Boston, just two miles from Dorchester where a little boy name Martin Richard who had impossibly big brown eyes lived and played baseball.

Get well soon Boston.  There is something very touching and grounding in that sentiment.  “Boston Strong” – okay, maybe.  But Boston has always been strong.   One might even say, “wicked tough.”  You only have to spend a short amount of time in the city to see and feel the toughness, ambition, and community spirit.

Martin Richard
Get well soon Boston.  Luckily, Boston is home to some world-class teachers in the the field of trauma resolution.  I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to learn from this community and to apply what I’ve learned.  This is what I know: We all need to be strong after a tragedy, but in order to heal, to get past the shock, trauma and disbelief, we also need to be tender.  Mindfulness teaches us to tolerate all our emotions – sadness, vulnerability, fear, and yes, anger and strength.  We need to access all of these mood states to heal and release traumatic stress, and to feel peace again.

Get well soon, Boston.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day


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