Don’t wait for perfection to celebrate

Unknown“When I get that raise, then I can relax.”  “When my son is doing better in school…..”, “When my health improves….”


Do these story lines run through your head?  If they do, consider how they are taking you out of the present moment.

On your road to “some day” don’t forget to take time to enjoy the present moment.

Try this:  It’s great to have goals, but don’t let imperfection keep you from enjoying the good stuff that is going on in this very moment.  Take a minute to notice three small good things right now.

For me they would be:

1.  My sons’ pink cheeks acquired by a great day of skiing.

2.  The fact that the sun is out.

3.  The fact that my close family members are all pretty healthy.

What could you celebrate this very moment.  After taking a minute or two to celebrate, notice your mood…. better, isn’t it?

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

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