Are you Naturally Happy?

th-1I’ve been reviewing a textbook one of my professors used in grad school.  The book is about positive psychology, which is the study of human strengths as opposed to traditional psychology which focuses on human disorders.  One theory proposed by positive psychology researchers is that we are all born with a “happiness setpoint.”  The good news is that this setpoint has a range, and we can take action to get ourselves to the top of the range.

I can be a serious person, and  I envy my friends who are naturally bubbly.  However, I am optimistic and I find many of the theories proposed in the positive psychology movement to be optimistic and empowering.  The link between reaching the top of your happiness setpoint and mindfulness is real, as mindfulness practices encourage more activation in areas of the brain associated with positive emotion.

Take a look at this list of the happiest facts of all time.  See if it doesn’t push you toward the top of your happiness setpoint.  Savor you happy mood.

What helps you reach the top of your happiness set point?  Does you mindfulness practice play a role?  Keep us posted.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

For more info on positive psychology, including assessments and questionaires, go to the University of Pennsylvania’s Authenic Happiness site.

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