Flow in the middle of the River

One way to envision mindfulness and healthy balance, author Dan Siegal writes in his book, Mindsight, is to picture yourself flowing in the middle of a river, with one riverbank signifying chaos and the other signifying rigidity.  A chaotic mind tends toward impulsivity and compulsion, when expressed at its worst can lead to addiction.  A rigid mind is one that is ruled by obsession and aversion to certain aspects of the self and others.  At its most destructive, a rigid mind will turn away from change, even healthy change, at all costs.

Our mindfulness practice helps us flow in the middle of the river, where we can gently float and consider old habits that do not serve us any longer.  This is the best place from which to consider making change.

Check back often over the next few weeks as we explore healthy habits and mindful change.  If you have been frustrated by New year resolutions, take a step back and start with mindfulness.

We Wish you Twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

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