Letting Go Project: Day Twenty-Nine ~ Stop Hoarding Your Gifts

We cling to our best gifts, fearing that if we share them, we won’t have enough. This can stop the flow of positive energy from coming our way

We hope that the mindful hub letting go project has helped you understand that letting go is about filling up, and that letting go can happen on many different levels.  We can let go of unhealthy habits, physical possessions and harmful relationships.  We can also let go of
hoarding our gifts.

 In the past decade, we have watched what can happen when powerful political and economic entities hoard out of fear – fear of not having enough.  What would happen if we moved from a culture of hoarding and fear to a culture of sharing and mentoring?  We may feel powerless to change our hoarding culture, but we can make subtle but important change on a personal level by shifting to a focus of sharing and receiving mentoring.
Here’s today’s letting go exercise:  Share your best self ~

1.  Right now, get a journal, a scrap of paper, or make a new note on your smart phone.

2.  Make a list of your five greatest gifts.  Are you a talented artist? A loving parent?  Are you good with numbers?  Make this list about skills that come naturally to you and make you feel competent, and bring you pleasure.

3.  Think about the word ‘mentor.’  Here’s a  definition from Webster to help you:  Mentor – an experienced or trusted advisor.  A person in a company, college, or school who trains and counsels new employees or students.

4.  Recall a time in your life when you were mentored.  What impact did this have?  Think about a time when you could have used a mentor.  What impact did this have?

5.  Now combine your greatest gifts with the idea of mentoring.  Trust that when you share your gifts – when you let them go you are letting them grow.  Of course, there is a time to be a mentor, and a time to be a mentee.  Be honest with yourself – no matter what your age or stage – and seek out a mentor if that is what you need at this time.

Letting go is not about draining or depleting your resources.  In fact letting go can help you make room for fresh and wonderful energy to flow your way.  If you are feeling bogged down and uninspired, meditate on the idea of mentoring.

We live in a society that is in desperate need of more mentoring.  Today, take some time to combine the ideas of letting go of your gifts through mentoring, or cultivating your gifts by seeking out a mentor.

Here’s some links to mentoring programs that might inspire you:

National mentoring partnership

MIT Venture Mentoring Service

Research on the benefits of mentoring


We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day! 

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