Letting Go Project Day Twenty-One ~ Let go of technology

Want to see something really cool in 3D?  Take a look at real life!  Look mindfully today at a tree, a train, or a teapot.  Notice the depth and gradation of color – wow…. no special glasses required!

Spending too much time on screens, whether it’s your lap-top or a cell phone, can make real life start to feel flat.  Delight and awe in everyday experience is a mindfulness muscle that needs to be flexed.  If we are constantly over-stimulated by the flashing lights, bells and whistles offered through technology, we can start to see our lives as black and white and one-dimensional.

The idea for this post came from a weekend spent  with my good friends Stan and Catherine.  Stan had a brand-new high-definition TV set up.  We had fun watching a horror movie on Friday night.  The image was so crisp that I actually felt a little nauseous at one point.  The next night we went into The Big Apple to see a Broadway play.  Wow.  no glasses required.  We laughed at the thought that soon we would need 3D glasses to see a Broadway play.  Don’t let this be your future!  Practice mindfully focusing on something not coming from a screen today!

Here’s today’s letting-go exercise:  Let go of technology – set yourself up for a tech free day with our free worksheets:

Using Technology Mindfully

Set Yourself Up For an at-Home Retreat


 We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!


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