Letting Go Project Day Four ~ Vow to Let Go

Wait a minute – vow –  That sounds pretty serious.

Don’t panic!

What we’d like you to do today is focus on why you are practicing letting go.  Remember, the goal is to come to the end of the thirty day challenge feeling more joy and renewed energy to focus on the positive aspects of life, and by building your motivation, you are more likely to reach this goal.

Here are your tips for the day:

1.  Once again, take a few deep mindful breaths to bring your body and mind to the here and now.

2.  Think about how you will benefit by letting go of what’s holding you back.  Think about how others around you will benefit.

3.  Come up with a short mantra/prayer that you can say to yourself every morning during the challenge.  I like this one by Marrianne Williamson:  “I now forgive myself for all the known and unknown limitations I have placed upon myself and others.”  I like the way this mantra puts the power of letting go in my hands.  It’s not up to someone else.  Only I can let go of past mistakes, regrets, and slights.

4.  Find a visual that represents letting go.  This can be a favorite photo, or story.  I really like the following video.  To me it represents letting go on a lot of different levels (watch all the way to the end!):

What visual representation reminds you to let go?  Let us know.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!


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