Letting go day two ~ Want what you have

Want what you have?!  What a thing to ask you to do on this mega-shopping weekend where everywhere you look you are being wooed to take advantage of Black Friday savings.  I once read a quote from the founder of a legendary department store that went something like this:  “our job is to make you want what you don’t have.”  It takes a lot of self-awareness to avoid internalizing the message of “I’m not okay unless I have…… (fill in the blank).”  The messages are especially harmful to young girls and women.  (For more on this topic see killing us softly.)

This 30-day Letting go project is about increaseing your sense of comfort, ease, and freedom, right here, right now

How do we go about the business of wanting what we have?  Take ten or twenty minutes over the next few days to try this mindfulness exercise.

  1. Start by taking five deep breaths, making sure you exhale is slightly longer than your inhale.
  2. Clear your mind of thoughts of past or future.  Turn your attention to the quality of light  or color in the space your are in.
  3. Stand up now, wherever you are – this can be your office, your small apartment, or your grand house.  Slowly take a walk around your space, noticing right foot, then left foot hitting the floor, get grounded.  noticing the the things that please you.  This can be a vase on a bookshelf, a blanket on a bed, your cat – anything that makes you feel comforted, at peace, whole.
  4. You can do this in a car or the subway, too, noticing some aspect of your commute that is giving you comfort.
  5. continue walking (or watching) slowly and mindfully around your space appreciating the things you have that bring you peace.

Was this challenging for you?  It is for most people, for we are so conditioned to want what we don’t have.  You may want to try this exercise a few times until you get the hang of if.    If you do only this one exercise over the next month, you will have come a long way in developing your letting go practice.  Try it a couple of times a day, maybe every time you see an advertisement that lures you into want-thinking.

Too much clutter in your home or your mind?  Log in to mindful hub tomorrow for a clutter-clearing mindfulness exercise.

Remember, this 30-day letting go challenge is all about increasing a sense of freedom, ease, and comfort with who you are, right here, right now.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

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