Letting Go Day One ~ Looking for a Miracle?

The problem with wanting a certain outcome is that we can get so caught up in clinging or running away that we miss the good stuff that is going on around us in the here and now.  That is why we’ve decided to focus on letting go for the next month.

For the next thirty days, starting right here, mindful hub will post short inspirational messages to help you let go of what might be holding you back.  Our wish is for you to reach the winter solstice with a lightness and sense of freedom, a sense of self-acceptance and purpose.

Here is the first piece of motivation:  Letting go makes room for miracles.  Is there some outcome that you are avoiding? A unhealthy relationship you are clinging to?  What would happen if you loosened your grip…………?

The Universe hates a void.  So don’t be surprised if you stop chasing a certain outcome, that an even better one comes along.  Can you imagine that?  something better than what you are clinging to now?  That’s the power of mindfulness, and it comes with much less wear and tear on your nervous system.  Sound too flakey or magical? Read about the scientifc benefits of mindfulness, and look at this free mindful hub worksheet on mindfulness and neuroscience.  Give it try.  Let us know what miracles manifest.  Join us tomorrow for letting go with mindfulness, day two.

Need help getting started?  Try these five steps for letting go.

Letting go is a minduflness practice – with emphasis on the practice.  It may take some effort and getting used to but the reward is incredible ease, so please log in tomorrow for more inspiration for letting go.

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We wish twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!





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