Use Mindfulness to Balance Seasonal Mood shifts

If you are one of many people whose mood and energy level shift with the seasons you know that the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can reak havoc with your social connections and your productivity.  Mindfulness can help you moderate these seasonal shifts.  Through mindfulness, you can develop a solid awareness of the signs that SAD is starting to take hold of your energy and you outlook.  Noticing the the signs, and taking action to get your mood and energy level back on track can help you avoid a full-blown episode.  Take a look at the new mindful hub worksheet, Stoking Winter Energy, to develop a plan that includes mindfulness to help you surf gracefully throught the waves of seasonal energy shifts.

For more information on starting your mindfulness practice see our mindfulness basics, and use our search button at the top right to find answers to your specific questions about the benefits of mindfulness.

Books and products we like – to learn more about mindfulness as a therapy for depression, check out these resources.  We only recommend books and products that have been tested by mindful hub.



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