Why Happiness is Unselfish

Let go of the idea that pursuing happiness is self-centered. Your happiness has a positive ripple effect on everyone you come in contact with.

Many of us received the message in our formative years that the pursuit of happiness was synonomous with greed and selfishness.  On the contrary, practicing happiness, and attending to our own contentment has a positvie ripple effect that impacts everyone we come in contact with.

Happiness – a working defintion – This is not the ‘I-just-won-the-lottery’ or the ‘I-just-got-my-way’ brand of  happiness.  We are refering to the slow burning contentment, good nature, and positive outlook that can be cultivated through mindfulness.  This defintion includes a joy and happiness for other’s good fortune, known as sympathetic joy in buddhist culture.

An informal survey – If you’re not convinced that your happiness is important, ask a loved one how they feel when you are in a good mood versus a grumpy mood.  Most likely, your loved one feels happier when you are happier.  If cultivating happiness feels uncomfortable to you, think of the face your loved who is counting on your good mood.  Happines pursuits that harm our loved ones in some way, usually only produces short-term happiness that fizzles out.  Luckily there are many ways to cultivate happiness that have no negative affect on our emotional environment.  We call this sustainable, or “green happiness.”

Take a look at our new worksheet, Using Mindfulness to Increase Happiness.  Post it above your desk or on your fridge this week.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness everyday!

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