Make it a Summer of Moments – Even if Your House Burns Down

The following post was written by Shanti Douglas, founder of 8 Limbs Holistic Health.  It reminded me of Rick Hanson’s advice to savor the good, and of a worksheet we created last year to help you relive your summer vacation any time you want.

When I read Shanti’s post I was taken aback, and grateful for the reminder to use the mindfulness tool of beginner’s mind throughout an ordinary day.  Ironically, Shanti had a serious fire at her house the day after I asked her if I could use her post – not the summer of moments she may have had in mind.  But even during a crisis, we can live in the moment – feeling the warmth of help from a friend, the gratitude of having your basic needs met.  Just a few minutes of mindfulness practice every day can help you foster optimism in any situation.  Here’s to you, Shanti, We are here to help you remember mindfulness.

We wish you (especially Shanti) twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

Moments after a distinct swoosh the fireworks explode, booming in a splendor of sparkles, star-like flowers, dancing fireflies, and lots of ooohs and ahhhhs. Whenever fireworks are flaring, we know a spectacular celebration is taking place. We can’t help but pause to pay attention, openly anticipating what will appear next.
As with fireworks, each moment of our life is an expression of something new. No matter how many times we’ve seen the “same situation”, each one in unique and different. Each one contains variables and sequences that were not there before, offering a fresh perspective to be used. In lives that are filled with habits and routine, this can be a difficult concept to employ.
While the bigger events seem different, surely I can not mean that every moment is different! Granted, there are similarities to many of the things that we do day in and day out, the routines required for physical and mental maintenance. Underneath the sameness, however, is a variety gone mostly unnoticed. How many times have you gotten dressed the same exact way in the same exact clothes after getting the same exact quality and quantity of sleep? I dare to say never. And considering we’ve been doing this 365 times for every year of our life, there’s a lot of variety that’s been missed as we’ve moved through “the regular”. There’s a lot of life left hanging when we bypass the little for the big.
Change is constant. Life ebbs and flows and along with that we ebb and flow. In each moment we gain new insights, deepen convictions, make choices, and have a different physical composition. As we progress, we are different in each moment and thus our experience is different in each moment. Being aware of this difference and being open to the newness helps to keep the awe that fireworks manifest.
No matter how mundane the activity, treat everything as important and deserving of our full engagement. Being open to the present moment as it is, as we are, allows us to celebrate our life and all that is contained. We can sparkle, shine, and manifest as the moment requests. What great freedom!
I invite you to bring this celebration of freshness into each of your moments this month. Notice what’s different in the “regular”. Notice what is showing up and what sparkles in your life.

– By Shanti Douglas, founder, 8 Limbs Holistic Health 

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