Lonely? Be Yourself

Having the courage to be your true self can be terrifying, yet we often block opportunities for true intimacy because of this fear. Never letting your guard down might give you the allusion of safety, but the armor we wear can also lead to isolation, a sense of loneliness, and a sense that you are disconnected from friends, family, community and life energy.

Luckily, mindfulness can help us find the courage to be honest, open, and even a little bit vulnerable, allowing true connection to occur.  A daily dose of mindfulness – tuning into your breath – and quieting your thoughts will help you accept things as they are, and help in extending acceptance and kindness  toward the self.  When we offer ourselves acceptance and kindness, we begin to intuitively know who we can safely move towards, and who we may want to limit contact with.  Mindfulness allows us to drop judgement – toward ourselves, and toward others, creating a feeling of safety and true intimacy.

Take a look at this TED talk to learn more about the upside of vulnerability, then browse mindful hub to learn how to start or boost your mindfulness practice.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!


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