Gratitude Challenge – Day Nineteen: Gratitude motivation boosters

We are almost half-way through the gratitude challenge.  Have you pooped out?  Maybe you want to join us mid-way through?  No problem!  Here’s some motivation: Remember that practicing gratitude is good for your health and studies show that practicing gratitude can reduce stress and increase your sense of life satisfaction.  By appreciating what is going right in your life you can bring well-being to yourself and those you come in contact with.  Whether you are renewing your efforts or just joining the challenge, here are some tools and rules for practicing gratitude:

Review day one – of the gratitude challenge to get some facts about gratitude

person, place, or thing – you may have noticed that our posts on gratitude vary quite a bit.  One day you might see a reader posting about about forgiveness.  One day I was grateful for spotting an bright orange newt.  The point is there are no rules – and, yes, you can be grateful for your good legs or your nice car as well as your spouse love and support. – just be grateful!

Take time to breathe and center – at noon each day for the next twenty days, take a few breaths and be grateful for something or someone

First thing in the morning and last thing at night –  Take a moment in the morning to ask yourself where you might find beauty today.  Invite good things and people to cross your path.  At the end of each day take stock of what went well.

Get a gratitude buddy – If you are still struggling, get a gratitude partner.  Touch base once-a-day to help find the gratitude

Think small – Having a bad day?  Be grateful for a sip of tea, a breath, the fact that you can read.  You’ll probably find that there is nothing too small to be grateful for!

Today –  I am grateful that my children are healthy, and that I woke up early enough to notice the beauty of the morning.  I’m also grateful for the warm blanket I wrapped myself in as I wrote this post.  What are you grateful for?  Please join us in the gratitude challenge.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!


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