Emotional prep for the holidays

The Ghost of Christmas Past.   If you are already dreading this upcoming holiday season, maybe it is because you are mistaking it for last year – and last year wasn’t that much fun for you.  I sometimes wonder what would happen if  holiday advertisements promoted getting ready for the season with your mind, body, and spirit, instead of with your wallet.  We have been so brainwashed to believe that the holidays are all about hustle and bustle that we have forgotten what it would mean to prepare for the holidays mindfully and walk through the season with a light heart and emotional balance instead of frenzied activity that we don’t even necessarily want to take part in.


The Ghost of Christmas Future.  Mindfulness can help you take back the magic and wonder of the season.  Start by thinking about how you want to feel on January 2, 2012.  In my fantasy world, I would find myself weighing the same amount as I do today because I took the time to balance holiday parties with yoga and meditation.  Yoga and meditation helped me stay centered, more aware of the choices I was making, and helped me communicate better with people I care about.  I had this ability to stay centered and mindful because I took the time every morning to sit in stillness.  I drank green tea instead of coffee.  I purchased thoughtful, moderately priced gifts and because of this, my checking account is not dangerously hovering in the single digits.  Does my ideal January 2nd sound too idealistic?  I think so.  The next step after envisioning your perfect holiday is to make space for imperfection.

Give yourself a Christmas Present – Be Present!  Now it’s your turn.  What does your January 2, 2012 look like? Envision yourself on January 2nd at the end of a perfect holiday, plan, then let it go of the past and the future and focus on what is going well for you right here and now.  It’s great to plan and shoot for being your highest self.  It’s also a good mindfulness practice to temper that striving with allowing yourself to be imperfect.  Somewhere between perfection and chaos lies self-compassion, and a happy holiday season.

Download our holiday self-care mediation.  Stick it on your fridge.  Share it with your family and friends.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

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