Please Listen Carefully – Solutions Found in Silence

Mindfulness Gives us the opportunity to ask, “what is the best thing to do in this moment?”  Open your heart, listen carefully to the wisdom inside you that has been forgotten.  It only takes a moment to stop and breathe.  Don’t ask, just listen.  It is amazing how the answer to a long-standing problem will come up when we rest in mindfulness.

Taking time for mindfulness allows a resetting of the body and brain.  When we are rushing around, trying to make things work the way we think the should, we are often in a state of high anxiety.  It is difficult to get information from the more evolved part of the brain when we are anxious – the part of brain that directs insight, intuition, and attuned communication.  In other words when we let go of trying to force our life circumstances, and allow moments of mindfulness, our innate wisdom bubbles to the top.

Take time out to listen to the inner wisdom that is available to all of us.  For more information on mindfulness, use the search button at the top of the page.

Become a mindful hub member.  Check back next week to see what we have learned at the Creating a Mindful Society Gathering taking place in New York City this weekend.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!

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