Teaching Children to be Mindful

Most young children have the natural ability to attend to the present moment with a sense of wonder.  Unfortunately our modern culture devalues focusing on one thing at a time and tends to dampen this natural ability in kids. But since they can be such naturals at focusing on what’s right in front of them (without worrying about paying the bills or next week’s board meeting), childhood is a great time instill mindfulness skills. Over the next two weeks we would like to focus on teaching mindfulness to children and teens with a series of discussions and helpful worksheets for you to use in your professional practice or with you own children.

We have baby boomers, generation X and Y.  How about generation M(indfulness)?!

When you consider the stacking amounts of scientific evidence that shows us that mindfulness practices help foster compassion, better communication, and better decision making, it might be said that we have a responsibility to teach mindfulness to youth.

Take a look at our first worksheet for kids,  Teaching Children Mindfulness Basics, and stay tuned as we add more tips for kids and teens over the next two weeks.

Listen to Jon Kabat-Zin talk about the upcoming Mindfulness and Society Gathering coming to New York City this fall, a great opportunity to talk about the importance of building a mindful world.  We have baby boomers, generation X and Y.  How about generation M(indfulness)?!

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness everyday!

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