Mindfulness on Vacation

Taking it in - using all your senses will help store your pleasant vacation experience in long-term memory - making it easy to recall when you need it most

Want to take your next vacation twice? How about a dozen times? It’s possible relive your vacation as many times as you would like if you practice being in the present moment while you are laying by the pool, hiking you favorite mountain, or seeing the sights. One of the best ways to anchor your vacation experience is to focus on the senses.  This exercise can begin as soon as you book your trip.  Start savoring the anticipation of the trip.  There is nothing wrong with cultivating that good feeling of positive anticipation and excitement.  Use the mindful attitude of letting go to stay away from building up too many expectations for your trip.

Once your vacation begins, go with the flow.  Changes in itinery are a natural part of travel, as natural as breathing is to meditation.  If your plans get side tracked because of flight delays or weather let go and enjoy the adventure.  Be curious about what’s happening around you even if you are stuck in an airport.  You might be pleasantly surprised by connecting with a fellow traveler, or just by people watching.  By practicing letting go in these situations, you open up to new experience, warding off negative mood states and staying open to positive possibilities.

Most importantly, when you do find yourself on that beautiful beach at sunset, in a canoe with a loved one at dawn, or even enjoying a summer barb-B-Q in your back yard.  Use all of your senses to anchor the experience in your long-term memory.  By doing this you will be easily able to recall the pleasant experience when you need a mental boost, like when life gets hectic again next fall, or when your back in school, or next January during an ice storm.

Download our new mind-sheet that explains the vacation meditation in step-by-step detail.  Let us know how it works for you.

We wish you twenty minutes of mindfulness every day!


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