Peace is in the Present Moment

Spend a few minutes focusing only on the here and now to reset your mood

One way to conceptualize mindfulness and the benefit of a present moment focus is to notice the state of mind that is conjured up by dwelling in the past, or worrying about the future.  We can even put mood states on a time continuum where depression is induced by thinking about negative events of the past or ruminating on regrets and where anxiety is stirred up by trying to predict the future.

The time/mood continuum
past    ——–   present  ———   future
depression ——– peace ———- anxiety

By looking at this time/mood continuum it’s easy to see that taking even a few minutes a day to dwell in the here and now can give your nervous system a break.  It can be challenging to spend much time in the present as thoughts of the past or future will try to sneak in.  The next time you sit down to meditate and you start thinking about some past event, try simply saying aloud or to yourself, “remembering.”  Likewise, if you find yourself worrying about the future, say aloud or to yourself, “planning.”  As with any mindfulness exercise, remember to be avoid judging your wandering mind and gently bring yourself back to the peaceful present over and over again.  Set a timer and try this exercise for five minutes.  Let us know the results.

If you are new to mindfulness click here to learn some basics

We wish you twenty minutes of peace every day!



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