Poking holes in the Story Line with Mindfulness

Have you ever noticed the story line in your head?  The one that shapes your mood and dictates your actions in a not so good way?  My story line can be particularly powerful on Sunday nights.  It goes something like this “Oh my God, I’ve overbooked myself again this week!  I’ll never make it  through!…. My son is on the road right now, I hope he’s driving carefully….. I should have invited so-and-so to dinner, they were probably lonely…. and when am I going to find the time to work on my website…..get the picture?

I find Sunday evenings can be a good time to poke holes in the  “story line”  with the attitudinal foundations of  mindfulness meditation.   Check out our recent posts on the mindful attitudes or read on to see the attitudes in practice:

Non-Judging:    When Sunday night anxiety hits, you can combat it with a non-judgemental attitude:  “Oh there are those Sunday night thoughts again, the ones that tell me I SHOULD be a certain way.   Tonight I”m going to simply watch them and not attach……”

Patience:  “Well I’m watching those Sunday night thoughts again.  I bet I could make it worse if I got impatient with myself right now, but instead maybe I’ll take a bath and go to bed early.”

Beginner’s Mind: “What if I didn’t use past Mondays to predict tomorrow?  What if I treated tomorrow like it was the first Monday ever?”

Trust: “I think I can trust in the unfolding of my week.  If I really take a look at it, I can see that my schedule always seems to work itself out.”

Non-Striving: “What if I have no expectations for myself this week, other than being gentle with myself?… maybe this will help me have self-compassion on a regular basis.”

Acceptance: “Things are what they are in this moment…. what’s the best thing to do in this moment?  Maybe I should put the to do list away.  I’ll do the best I can tomorrow, tonight it would be best if I focus on my family.”

Letting go: “How will it benefit me to do the opposite – what would happen if instead of letting go I “held on” to the belief that this week will definitely be stressful…. That seems kind of silly!  Maybe I’ll try letting go.

Well there you have it, an example of how the attitudinal foundations can help you with Sunday night anxiety.

What mindfulness tricks help make your Sunday nights, and your week, more peaceful?


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